Outdoor Acoustic Systems 159AT70

Reference: a00442

Our top of the line landscape system is formulated to provide maximum coverage within a large area, while also providing each of those areas with uncompromising audio ...

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By having the system bi-amped and incorporating the DSP processor allows you flexibility never before experienced in an outdoor audio system. We carefully measure and program each of these systems before they ever leave our facility, taking the guesswork out of your installation. The 159AT70 features the following items; (8) 62AT70 satellite speakers, (1) 151ST70 subwoofer, (1) M1000 amplifier, and (1)  CDi 2600 amplifier.

Our new 62AT70 landscape speakers now feature a coaxially mounted 1" aluminum dome tweeter design over a proprietary high-excursion 6" woofer, with a built-in crossover network and 100W/70V transformers. These outdoor speakers play at significantly higher volumes while still maintaining a smooth frequency response of 70-20kHz.  The 62AT70 speakers are powered by a CDi 2600 amplifier providing 600W@70V per channel and features built in DSP for crossovers and equalization if required.

The 151ST70 landscape subwoofer was designed by James to provide broader coverage for systems that needed extra SPL. It features a proprietary high excursion 15" aluminum driver mounted within a fully sealed aluminum band-pass enclosure. Engineered for direct burial placement, the compression design creates unrivaled low end frequency response and nearly complete invisibility. You can install up to (4) of these subwoofers on a single run of 14/4 speaker wire when paired with our M1000 DSP amplifier.

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Frequency Range (±3dB)
Nominal Impedance
4 ohms