Multiprocessor Rane HAL3S

Reference: a00972

The RANE HAL3s is a digital processor for audio systems. This groundbreaking architecture is used for room combining, paging and distributing audio to several zones in an ...

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Utilizing Halogen® software, even novice users are guided through what used to be complex tasks in just minutes. No intricate matrix mixing or presets are required for room combining and paging. No complex wiring is required to distribute pages and background music to multiple zones. Seamlessly interface HAL to small or large installations with web controls, (no app required) and/or a broad variety of peripheral devices including smart Digital Remotes (DRs), Remote Audio Devices (RADs), portable or rack automixers, small remote amplifiers, and an advanced Paging Station. In addition, the HAL3s Multiprocessor and Halogen™ software check the status, location, CAT 5e wiring integrity, and that audio is flowing in all peripheral devices, so you know your system is properly connected and ready to go.

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