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Speaker cable Dali Connect Sc Rm230st 50m

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The terminated DALI CONNECT SC RM230ST speaker cable has carefully selected conductors and dielectric materials optimized for the free flow of sound. This terminated version is terminated with a cable split encased in a distinctive carbon casing that helps avoid unintended contact. The final termination is made with a high-performance Rhodium plated banana terminators surrounded by the same carbon casing as the cable split. The expanding centre pin of the banana plug forms a long-lasting tight connection to the speaker terminals, ensuring optimal signal transfer.

All Weather Loudspeaker Definitive Technology...

Price €199.50

The AW series outdoor speaker provides clear, high-definition sound by pressure-coupling a BDSS technology driver to a racetrack-shaped mid/bass radiator cleverly placed on the opposite side of the enclosure. This technique offers a total bass radiating area greater than an 8-inch woofer to belt out powerful bass that fills outdoor areas.

Bookshelf Loudspeaker DALI...
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Bookshelf Loudspeaker DALI SPEKTOR 2

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Whilst still being a compact speaker, the SPEKTOR 2’s larger inner volume delivers extra bass performance. The increased surface areas of the 5¼” woofer and 25 mm soft dome tweeter increases the overall sound pressure levels, making this the perfect choice for larger rooms that still require a compact speaker. The SPEKTOR 2 will also find itself at home in any surround position, helping you get that fully immersive movie experience.

Speaker system DALI FAZON...
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Speaker system DALI FAZON MIKRO

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THE FAZON MIKRO is based on the renowned DALI trademark wood fibre cone and soft dome tweeter module. The ultra-compact high-gloss lacquered aluminium cabinet fits perfectly in any living room. The FAZON MIKRO is true Hi-Fi in a very small package.

DALI PHANTOM M-375 In-Wall...
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DALI PHANTOM M-375 In-Wall Speaker

Regular price €1,299.00 Price €1,169.10

The slim and powerful PHANTOM M-375 speaker is developed for multi-channel in-wall installation. Featuring 3 x 7 inch woofers, it offers spacious and roomfilling DALI sound in your home cinema - without physically dominating you living room.

Amplifier Lyngdorf...
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Amplifier Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Basic

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With extreme audio processing options combined with the most powerful and advanced digital amplifier technology, the TDAI-3400 is the most powerful product from Lyngdorf Audio yet marketed.