CD-player Pioneer PD-70AE

Reference: a00712

The Pioneer development team left nothing to chance with the PD-70AE, consistently pursuing its overriding objective: optimum stereo playback of CDs and SACDs. This consistency ...


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The construction of the housing with double floor, three interior assemblies and encapsulated aluminium drive block serves as the perfect, vibration-free mechanical foundation. Separate power supplies for the digital and analogue switching ranges guarantee spotlessly clean supply voltages. Not one but two units of the premium ESS9026PRO – considered one of the most accurate, low-distortion DAC chips on the market – in double-mono operation serve as the D/A converter. The analogue section has a fully symmetrical layout and delivers the music signal either via symmetrical XLR connections or switchable RCA jacks that support even heavy cables thanks to the massive design. An optical and a coaxial digital input are also provided for additional digital sources (such as a satellite receiver or streamer) – so that even more music can benefit from the ultimate D/A conversion of the PD-70AE.


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435 x 142 x 413 mm
18.5 kg