Dali Cd Vol 5

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The 'DALI ALBUM VOL 5' is released on both CD & LP. The compilation is produced by DALI and contains no less than 17 completely different Danish artists/groups from as many ...


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It is no secret that standards for the sound quality of new releases are in steady decline. The sound is getting more and more compressed and loud, which means that dynamic contrasts and air are largely absent. In turn it removes dynamics peaks with pauses and breathing space for the ears.

As compression technologies are getting increasingly advanced along with the increased use of microscopic loudspeaker systems in headphones, tablets and PC’s, the goal of producing the loudest mix seems to become ever more vital for all parties in the music industry. It has simply become common practice.

However, it has now reached a point where studio engineers are taking less and less pride and pleasure in producing quality sound. It no longer matters. Our goal is therefore to reverse this trend.

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