Cables acoustic Dali Connect Sc Rm430st 3m

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DALI has created the DALI CONNECT SC RM430ST speaker cable, with carefully selected conductors and dielectric materials optimized for the free flow of sound.

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Ultra Transparent Speaker Cable

The high purity FEP inner shielding of this ultra transparent speaker cable, the 'DALI CONNECT SC RM430ST', keeps the conduction bundles in a vice grip and offers an impressive low dielectric absorption. The combination of all the elements that make up this unique speaker cable: 3.0 mm2 silver plated copper wires, true concentric stranding, FEP inner shielding and a polyethylene (PE) outer shielding, all bring their individual contribution towards achieve DALI’s goal of uncoloured, clear and well defined sound.

Doubling up on performance this cable offers all the features of the RM230ST cable with two extra conductors. This makes this cable a perfect choice when doing bi-wiring, offering four conductors in one elegant easy to place wire.

True Concentric Stranding

By using pure oxygen-free copper, true concentric stranding, and insulating materials with low dielectric properties we ensure a low resistance, low distortion and well shielded path for the audio signal. It is a common theme in all DALI speaker cables to keep all the conductors as tight as possible, while keeping the cable flexible and easy to place. By twisting the conductor bundles around each other in layers, and by changing the direction of the conductors in each layer, ensures that the layer underneath is tightly gripped. This forces every strand in the conductor to be closely packed together and thereby minimises microphonics.

DALI CONNECT SC speaker cables reveal new layers of detail and low-level information, achieving a level of performance normally found only in much more expensive products.

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