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Audio video players

Audio video players

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CD-player Denon DCD-2500NE

Price €1,999.00

The 2500NE series, designed for today’s age, has been developed by both veteran engineers and talented young engineers who have inherited the Denon technologies and expertise that have been cultivated over many years and decades.

CD-player Denon DCD-1600NE

Price €1,099.00

The DCD-1600NE focuses on achieving the essence of a disc player: ultra-high precision in reading discs and supplying high-quality audio signals to the amp. To achieve this, the signal paths are as short as possible and the whole circuitry is minimized.

CD-player Denon DCD-100

Price €599.00

For more than a century, we’ve been very serious about engineering the perfect sound – that’s why, in the early years, we called our Hi-Fi products “precision audio components”. And our approach hasn’t changed since: it’s all about performance. With this in mind, we decided that, though our latest products should be compact, and with remarkably sleek styling, they should be true high fidelity components. In other words, they should be totally Denon. Introducing the Denon Design Series: Real Hi-Fi For Today’s Lifestyles.

CD-player Denon DCD-50

Price €399.00

Introducing the new Denon Design Series. Real Hi-Fi for today’s lifestyles. The ideal companion to our PMA-50 full digital stereo amplifier, the DCD-50 features a high quality disc drive that plays music CDs as well as data discs with MP3 and WMA tracks.

CD-player Exposure 2010s2 Cd Player

Price €1,147.00

The 2010S2 series is for the new generation of music lovers.

Designed to introduce you to the distinctive Exposure sound, the 2010S2 series comprises a CD player, integrated amplifier, power amplifier, FM tuner, phono card for moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC).

CD-player Lyngdorf CD-2

Price €2,599.00

Developed with the experience gained from multiple-award-winning Lyngdorf Audio digital amplifiers and CD players, this player is one of the best sounding pure audio CD players on the market. The CD-2 is designed for audio only, and for this reason, using a pure audio drive is both simpler and better. All multi-format drives are based on video designs and clocks, and the audio output is then re-sampled (uncontrolled) to audio output clocks. Many choose to optimize the clock on the drive itself, but no matter what you do, ground potentials are difficult to control and the engine control board is noise-inducing.